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Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. (TWI) is the world's leading provider of Thermal Nondestructive Testing (NDT) solutions to the aerospace, power generation and automotive industries. Since 1993, Thermal Wave has been dedicated exclusively to the advancement of Infrared Nondestructive Testing and has played a pioneering role in moving Thermographic NDT technology from the laboratory to the "real world" of manufacturing and maintenance for many of the world's leading companies. Our products have become the worldwide standard of excellence in thermography, and are used in the most demanding manufacturing, in-service and research applications.

Whether inspecting the leading edge of the NASA Space Shuttle or performing quality assurance on business jet engine components, TWI addresses the full spectrum of NDT applications.  TWI systems have proven to be high-precision, cost effective solutions to the most demanding inspection challenges. 

Our relationship with customers begins with an active involvement in defining and understanding their problems.  We work closely with our customers to developing focused, cost effective solutions.  We act as partners in the NDT process and try to anticipate changing application requirements before they evolve.  We have developed strong relationships with the world's leading industrial, military and research organizations.

Our products range from portable systems for field and in-service inspection to fully automated industrial solutions for quality assurance.
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