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The Standard of Excellence for Thermographic NDE
EchoTherm is the system of choice for any tough NDE application from automated manufacturing to aircraft inspection. EchoTherm provides fast, non-contact, wide area inspection of flat or curved structures, and can measure depth and area of subsurface defects. Since its introduction in 1993, EchoTherm has been the benchmark system for Thermographic NDE.

The EchoTherm Advantage

EchoTherm defines state of the art in IR NDT for manufacturing, R&D and automated inspection applications. Achieve high quality, repeatable testing results quickly and cost effectively. EchoTherm gives you the following benefits:
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Quantitative
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe
  • Non-Contact
  • Single-Side Process
  • Easily Interpreted
  • Wide Area
EchoTherm is a fully-integrated hardware and software system that enables you to identify, analyze and measure physical properties of materials using Pulsed Thermography.
  • Quantitative Measurement
  • Open Architecture
  • Advanced Analysis and Processing Routines
  • Compatible With Leading IR Cameras
  • LabView, Matlab and Visual Basic Compatible
  • Automation Enabled
  • Digital Data Acquisition
  • Configurable for Use in Factory, Field or Lab
  • Integrated with TWI Patented Signal Processing
  • CE compliant
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