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  • Winner, 2017 CTMA Technology Innovation Award
  • Winner, 2016 DOD Maintenance Innovation Challenge
  • Winner, 2016 ASNT Mehl-Lester Honor Award
  • Recipient, ASNT 2014 Research Innovation Award
Thermal Wave Imaging (TWI) is the world's leading provider of infrared Nondestructive Testing systems to the aerospace and power generation industries. Since 1993, we have pioneered the use of thermography for NDT, bringing it from the laboratory to the "real world" of manufacturing and maintenance. From portable handheld devices to automated Quality Assurance, our systems offer the ultimate in performance and ease-of-use.

Taking Thermography to the Limit with TSR
TWI introduced the Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR®) method in 2001, revolutionizing the use of thermography for NDT by enabling detection of subsurface flaws that are undetectable using conventional approaches. Using TSR, TWI systems provide reliable detection of Foreign Object Debris (FOD), porosity, wall thinning and other subtle conditions, often outperforming  thermography, ultrasound and shearography alternatives.
Beyond Flaw Detection
TWI Systems are unsurpassed for their flaw detection capabilities and they are unique in their ability to characterize the physical properties of the part under test. TWI systems, based on our patented Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR®) method, are used by the leading factories, laboratories, and research institutions around the world to measure thickness, depth, thermal diffusivity, conductivity or porosity.

TSR porosity measurement in polymer matrix composites offers results that are comparable to ultrasound without contact or immersion.
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