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Portable Solutions


In the field, ease of use, speed and flexibility are critical.  TWI provides exceptional flexibility, sensitivity and value in portable systems such as VoyageIR Pro, and with the high-performance Thermoscope II system.

VoyageIR Pro breaks the price/performance barrier with an unsurpassed level of sensitivity and flexability in a portable system.  For less than the price of many IR cameras, VoyageIR Pro provides a complete inspection solution in a hand-held package.  more info
Portability for the field - that's the force behind ThermoScope II.  Combining flash heating, image acquisition and analysis this unit allows a single user to perform the inspection with ease and simplicity.  more info
  • Ultra Portable
  • Low Cost
  • Touch Screen UI Control
  • Data Fusion with UT, EC
  • Image Overlay
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  • Portable
  • Fast / Wide Area Inspection
  • LCD Display
  • High Penetration Depth
  • High Resolution
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