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The TWI Advantage
TWI systems are recognized as the industry standard for thermographic NDT. Numerous customers have recognized the benefits of our non-contact, single-sided inspection approach and have replaced their UT, X-ray or shearography systems with TWI products and solutions.

Our TSR® technology has enabled an unprecedented level of accuracy, speed and sensitivity, as cited in numerous independent studies and reviews.
High-Precision, Cost-Effective Solutions
Whether it's automated Quality Assurance for manufacturing or portable systems for in-service inspection, TWI has a solutions to meet your needs and fit your budget. We work closely with our customers to insure a solutions that you can count on. Let our experience work for you. Call us and find out why our systems are the industry standard, used by the world's leading companies and organizations.
For many applications, thermographic NDT has proven to be a cost effective alternative to traditional inspection technologies such as x-ray, ultrasound or eddy-current. TWI has been at the forefront of the growth and development of the technology, and has consistently defined the state-of-the-art through our products, services and R&D activities.

Our EchoTherm®, ThermoScope® II and MOSAIQ® products are designed to address the full spectrum of NDT applications, ranging from fully automated industrial quality assurance to portable systems for in-service inspection. TWI equipment is used to address the most demanding applications by leading industrial, military and research organizations.
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