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Powered by and built on a proven platform - TSR®
TWI's patented Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR) technology has been widely recognized as a breakthrough in the field of thermography. Conventional approaches to analysis of thermographic NDT data are based on visual or computer analysis of the images from the infrared camera and lack the accuracy and sensitivity required for many critical inspection tasks. These methods are often difficult to interpret and limited in their ability to image deep or subtle features, or perform quantitative measurement.
Conventional approaches to thermography are based on qualitative evaluation of IR images and lack the accuracy and sensitivity required for many critical inspection tasks.  Using a quantitative signal based approach, TSR provides precise, repeatable output with unprecedented depth range, resolution, and measurement capability.
TWI’s patented Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR) method addresses these limitations, and allows an unprecedented degree of sensitivity, depth range and resolution of subsurface defects. The introduction of TSR has played a significant role in the growth of thermography in real-world manufacturing and in-service inspection applications.
TSR Benefits
  • Increase spatial resolution
  • Reduce blurring of deep features
  • Increase signal to noise
  • Order of magnitude file size reduction
  • Automated defect recognition
  • Reference-free measurement and defect detection
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