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Thermographic Turbine Test Station
Complete Suite of Airfoil Inspections in Minutes!
TWI's new T3S Thermographic Turbine Test Station performs a comprehensive suite of turbine airfoil inspections in a single, consolidated system. 

The breakthrough technology platform uses advanced thermography to detect hole and channel blockages, measure TBC wall thickness, detect TBC delamination and detect cracks for land and aerospace based turbine components.

Comprehensive.  Modular.  Automated.

T3S can replace many time-intensive inspections currently performed on multiple test systems. 

Its modular architecture can be configured to meet specific turbine inspection requirements.
  • Single test station for multiple applications
  • Non-contact inspection
  • Increased speed, accuracy and reliability
  • Complements other NDE test procedures
  • Developed under NAVAIR STTR
  • CE compliant

Conventional NDT techniques used today to inspect for blockages, cracks, thickness and adhesion typically take days to complete.  T3S offers improved performance and time savings by an order of magnitude.
The net benefit is increased inspection sensitivity, increased throughput, and significant cost reduction and return on investment. 

TWI’s ground-breaking TAFIS - Thermal Air Flow Inspection System, specifically designed to detect blocked cooling holes in turbine airfoils, is built on the T3S platform.                                 
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