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Thermal Airflow Inspection System
Precision, Speed & Reliability
The TAFIS - Thermal Airflow Inspection System - redefines cooling hole and channel blockage inspection for aero turbine engine airfoils and IGT buckets.  This fully automated robotic solution is the new inspection benchmark offering unprecedented precision, speed and reliability.  Testimonial from major OEMs using TAFIS is quite simply that our solution obviates conventional testing methodologies i.e. pin gauge, water flow, and hot wax expulsion.

  • Fully automated, robotic inspection station - 7 axis
  • Automated defect recognition of blocked cooling holes
  • Precise, reliable and fast - cycle times as low as 5 sec.
  • Modular fixturing for rapid part change-out
  • User programmable
  • Low maintenance
  • CE compliant
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