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ThermoScope® II

Advanced Thermography for In-Service Inspection
Portability for the field—that’s the driving force behind ThermoScope® II. Combining flash heating, image acquisition and analysis, this unit allows a single user to perform the inspection with ease and simplicity. ThermoScope II uses patented MOSAIQ® software with Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) processing to provide an unprecedented degree of clarity, penetration depth and resolution for applications in the field.

The ThermoScope II Advantage

ThermoScope puts the entire thermographic toolkit into a portable form factor, enabling you to perform inspections where the part is. Push button controls and an easy to read LCD display simplify the inspection process.
ThermoScope II offers the following advantages:
  • Fast/Real Time Inspection
  • Single Operator / Easy to Use
  • Non-Contact
  • Patented TSR Processing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Single Side Access
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable & Repeatable
  • Wide Area
  • Low Cost
  • A Complete NDT Solution
  • CE Compliant
ThermoScope combines flash heating, image acquisition and analysis in a truly portable system. The ThermoScope system offers the following essential features:
  • Simple operation with interactive display
  • Automatic inspection routines for on-the-spot decisions
  • Compatible with leading IR cameras
  • Integrated with TWI's MOSAIQ and EchoTherm Software
  • Applications include: delamination, FOD, adhesion, corrosion, water ingress and impact damage
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