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Training & Certification

Snell Infrared and TWI offer Training in Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials Using Active Thermography
(Ferndale, MI) -- Snell Infrared and Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. are offering Level I and Level II training classes in Thermal NDT of Materials Using Active Thermography.  The courses emphasize applications in the aerospace and power generation industries. Both 4-day courses meet the educational requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A.  An optional day is reserved for individuals with qualifying work experience wishing to take a three-part certification examination.

The courses cover
  • Learning to Think Thermally®
  • Heat transfer and radiation theory
  • Methods for thermal NDT
  • Determining application feasibility
  • Theory and practice of pulsed / active thermography
  • Hands-on use of EchoTherm® and ThermoScope® equipment
  • Overview of other infrared thermography applications
  • Thermographic signal processing
  • Depth / thickness measurement (Level II)
  • Effective flash timing (Level II)
  • High speed imaging (Level II)
  • Wave length considerations (Level II)
  • Contrast analysis (Level II)
Who should take the course

The courses are recommended for technicians, engineers, and managers who are already using any type of active thermography system, as well as for those who are just exploring the technology.  Previous experience with the technology, while useful, is not required for the LI course.  Although highly recommended for L II, attendance at an L I course is not mandatory if the attendee is knowledgeable of the methods of heat transfer and IR NDT.


Snell Infrared instructors hold ASNT Level III NDT certificates in the Thermal / Infrared method, allowing the courses to serve as the cornerstone for the qualification and certification of inspection personnel in your company or organization. [Certification of personnel with qualifying work experience will be made by the employer based on their Written Practice, in accordance with the American Society of Nondestructive Testing document SNT-TC-1A, Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing.]   The courses feature Dr. Steven Shepard, Physicist and President of Thermal Wave Imaging.  He has numerous patents and publications in the field of thermographic NDE, and has served as a short course instructor for SPIE, ASNT, SME, numerous companies and government entities.

Where and When

The courses will be held at Thermal Wave Imaging, in Ferndale, MI (just outside of Detroit).

For more information, or to register, call Snell Infrared at 800-636-9820, or register on the web.

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