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 The first truly handheld 
thermography system!

 A New Approach to Thermography that Breaks All the Rules…

  • Advanced Signal Processing
    • TSR
    • Pulse Phase
    • Principal Component
  • Simple Touch Screen User Interface
  • Patented Step Heating
  • MOSAIQ® Compatible for Large Areas
  • Self-contained/ single operator
  • Lightweight/ Single Case Transport

TWI Step Heating + TSR® = Outstanding Performance!

First of its Kind

VoyageIR Pro is a new approach to thermographic NDT that provides unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy for less than the cost of an IR camera.  Combining TWI’s industry leading TSR signal processing method with an innovative approach to optical step excitation, VoyageIR Pro provides unparalleled performance and versatility

Low Cost, High Performance

VoyageIR Pro combines the efficiencies of a basic uncooled IR camera and optical step heating with the world’s most advanced thermal NDT software.  This optimal balance provides exceptional performance and powerful flaw detection capabilities that are not available in most larger and more expensive systems.  

Innovative Step Excitation

VoyageIR Pro’s patented step heating module dynamically controls excitation during the heating process to provide uniform heating and eliminate reflection artifacts on surfaces that are normally considered too reflective for thermography.

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