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TWI’s patented Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) technology has been widely recognized as a breakthrough in the field of thermography. Conventional approaches to analysis of thermography data are based on visual or computer analysis of images from am IR camera. These methods are often difficult to interpret and limited in their ability to image deep or subtle features, or perform quantitative measurement. Using a physics-based approach to signal analysis, TSR provides precise, repeatable output with unprecedented depth range, resolution, and measurement capability. The introduction of TSR has played a significant role in the growth of thermography in real-world manufacturing and in-service inspection applications.

See the Forest and the Trees!

MOSAIQ® simplifies inspection of large structures or large production runs of identical structures, by combining information from many sequences into a single, easily-viewable dataset, simplifying and streamlining the analysis process. TWI’s state-of-the art Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) tools are built into MOSAIQ to provide unmatched depth and spatial resolution of subsurface features.

MOSAIQ simplifies your NDT inspection using built-in analysis, measurement, and visualization tools.

  • Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) Processing
  • Fast, real time inspection
  • For Flash, Step, or Modulated Heating
  • Compatible with common factory automation platforms
  • Programmable Inspection and Analysis Routines

Used worldwide by leading OEMs and Research Institutions, MOSAIQ® is compatible with EchoTherm®, ThermoScope®, VoyageIR®, and ProjectIRTM systems. It can be configured for use with a touch-screen display for handheld systems, or large displays for automation and can accommodate a variety of excitation options.

The ultimate toolkit for advanced analysis of thermography data for NDT and Material Characterization. Virtuoso helps you identify the best method for examining a sample and create an optimized inspection procedure.

  • Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR®)
  • Automated Flaw Sizing
  • Real-time Analysis
  • Analysis of Flash, Step, or Modulated Data
  • Multi-scale Contrast Analysis
  • Material Characterization
  • Pulse Phase and Principal Component Analysis
  • Boolean Operations
  • Signal / noise Analysis and Optimization
  • Compatible with EchoTherm®, ThermoScope®, MOSAIQ®
  • Programmable through Matlab, Labview, VBA, C++, Python

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