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Leading the Way in Thermographic NDT

TWI systems range from simple, handheld inspection units to fully automated test cells and laboratory systems for materials characterization. The key is finding the right tool to meet your application needs. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their specific requirements so that we can provide the right tool for the right job. Contact us to further discuss your specific application.


The Standard of Excellence

EchoTherm® is the benchmark system for Thermographic NDT and the system of choice for applications ranging from automated manufacturing to aircraft inspection. It provides fast, non-contact, wide-area inspection of flat or curved structures, and can measure material properties or depth and area of subsurface defects.  EchoTherm®‘s fully-integrated hardware and software simplifies thermographic flaw detection, process control, or material characterization.

  • Flash, Step, or Modulated Heating
  • Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®)
  • Advanced Analysis and Processing Routines
  • Measure Flaw Area/Depth or Material Properties
  • Automation Enabled
  • LabView, Matlab and Visual Basic Compatible
  • Compatible With Leading IR Cameras
  • CE compliant


Lab Performance in a Compact Package

ThermoScope® provides a complete flash thermography system in a portable package, suitable for handheld or robot-mounted operation. Using MOSAIQ® software and patented TSR® processing, it provides clarity, penetration depth and resolution comparable to labratory systems. Push button controls and a touch-screen display allow a single operator to inspect large or difficult to access parts quickly and effectively.

  • Flash Heating
  • Fast / Real Time Inspection
  • Single Operator / Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • MOSAIQ Software Included (Virtuoso optional)
  • Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®)
  • Measure Flaw Area/Depth or Material Properties
  • Automation Enabled
  • LabView, Matlab and Visual Basic Compatible
  • CE compliant

VoyageIR Pro®

NDT on the Go

VoyageIR Pro® is designed for hand-held use, combining TWI’s industry leading TSR® signal processing with patented Dynamic Step Heating to provide unparalleled performance and versatility. This optimal balance provides exceptional performance and powerful flaw detection, comparable to larger and more expensive systems.

  • TWI Dynamic Step Heating
  • TSR® Signal Processing
  • MOSAIQ® Compatible for Large Areas
  • Simple Touch Screen User Interface
  • Lightweight/ Single Case Transport
  • Self-contained/ single operator
  • Low cost


Revolutionizing Turbine Airfoil Inspection

TAFIS® (Thermal Airflow Inspection System®) redefines cooling hole and channel blockage inspection for aero and IGT turbine airfoils. Used by leading OEMs, this fully automated solution offers unprecedented precision, speed and reliability, replacing conventional testing methodologies (e.g. pin gauge, water flow, and hot wax expulsion) and reducing inspection time from hours to seconds.

T3S® (Thermographic Turbine Test Station®) is an advanced modular solution that addresses a wide range of applications for aero and IGT turbine engine components, including wall or coating thickness measurement, evaluation of adhesion in various coating types (e.g. metallic, TBC, EBC, etc.) and blockage detection in cooling passages and holes. T3S is proving to be particularly useful for inspection of new and advanced materials, e.g. CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composite) and C-C based components used in modern aero engines. Combining flash and flow techniques into an integrated solution, T3S streamlines key inspections into a single stop during the production cycle, increasing throughput and reducing cost.


  • Fully automated, robotic inspection station – 7 axis
  • Automated defect recognition of blocked cooling holes
  • Precise, reliable and fast – cycle times as low as 5 sec.
  • Modular fixturing for rapid part change-out
  • User programmable
  • CE compliant


Large-Standoff, Large-Area Thermography

Originally developed for the US Navy, TWI’s Large-Standoff, Large-Area ThermographyTM (LASLATTM) offers a groundbreaking approach to inspection of large structures, operating at a large stand-off distance (up to 15 ft) to cover an area as large as 250 ft2. It automatically scans the entire inspection area, providing a subsurface map of defect indications that is easily interpreted by the operator. MOSAIQ® analysis tools provide measurement of flaw size and registration on the actual part. LASLATTM’s versatility allows a single mobile system to be used for inspections on multiple platforms without the need for a fixed gantry. Automated inspection routines eliminate manual positioning, providing repeatable inspections.

  • NDI Methodology: Pulsed Thermography
  • Non-contact, no gantry or creeper required
  • Coverage Area: 17 ft x 15 ft @ 15 ft standoff distance
  • Inspection Rate: 7 ft^2/min
  • Easily configured for multi-platform inspection
  • For fluid ingress, delamination, impact damage
  • Winner of the 2016 DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge

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