We provide turn-key, integrated systems that include all hardware, software, excitation, and camera required to perform effective NDT. In our 25+ years of experience providing systems to customers around the world, we’ve learned that thermography is not a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor. We work closely with our customers to match systems and components with their specific requirements and help them integrate thermography into their NDT/quality process.

In addition to conventional NDT applications, customers also use our systems to address some of the most challenging materials characterization problems, often considered beyond the range of thermography. In these cases, when solutions didn’t exist, we invented them, building from fundamental physics and engineering principles to develop innovative hardware and software solutions that have received international acclaim, awards, and independent validation. Our products build on these innovations, e.g. our patented Precision Flash Controller®, Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® method, Large Area Projection Thermography, and Ultra-High-Speed acquisition technology, to provide capabilities and results unsurpassed in the field.

TWI Thermography Inspection Systems

We offer a full range of off-the-shelf systems that cover the entire spectrum of NDT applications, from handheld, on-aircraft inspection to fully-automated cells for manufacturing quality assurance. We specifically design and optimize every system component for thermographic NDT, building on our 25+ years of experience and expertise. Our systems are used by leading OEMs and Research Institutions worldwide.

TWI Software- More than a Pretty Picture

The good (and bad) news about thermography is that it always produces an ‘interesting’ image, even though that image may have little or no meaning for the purposes of NDT. Our software is designed to extract and provide as much physical information as possible about the true subsurface state of the part, using our Thermographic Signal Reconstruction® (TSR®) method.

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