TWI solutions address today’s evolving range of applications, from handheld systems for on-aircraft inspection to large-scale systems for space vehicles, providing the precise, quantifiable results required for both manufacturing and maintenance.

Power Generation

TWI systems are a proven solution for applications ranging from NDT of thermal barrier coatings to detection of blockage in turbine airfoils. Our systems are widely used by leading OEMs on conventional and advanced engine materials in manufacturing, QA and rework NDT.

Production / QA

TWI systems have been demonstrated to be a cost-effective alternative to existing NDI technologies and have become the system of choice for OEMs in the aerospace, power generation, automotive, sporting goods and microelectronics industries.

SEE the Difference



EchoTherm® is the benchmark system for Thermographic NDT and the system of choice for applications ranging from automated manufacturing to aircraft inspection.


ThermoScope® provides a complete flash thermography system in a portable package, suitable for handheld or robot-mounted operation.

VoyageIR Pro®

VoyageIR Pro® is designed for hand-held use, combining TWI’s industry leading TSR® signal processing with patented Dynamic Step Heating to provide unparalleled performance and versatility.


TAFIS® (Thermal Airflow Inspection System®) redefines cooling hole and channel blockage inspection for aero and IGT turbine airfoils.


TWI’s Large-Standoff, Large-Area ThermographyTM (LASLATTM) offers a groundbreaking approach to inspection of large structures.


Virtuoso® provides the ultimate toolkit for advanced analysis of thermography data for NDT and Material Characterization.


MOSAIQ® simplifies and streamlines inspection and analysis of large structures or large production runs of identical structures.


Ensure your thermography system is operating within specified tolerances using a SysCheckIRTM Thermography System Calibration Standard.