SEE the TWI Difference

Since 1993, Thermal Wave Imaging has played a pioneering role in moving Thermographic NDT technology from the laboratory to the “real world” of manufacturing and maintenance for many of the world’s leading companies and research institutions. Our products have become the worldwide standard of excellence in thermography, and are used in the most demanding manufacturing, in-service and research applications.



TWI solutions address today's evolving range of applications, from handheld systems for general aviation to large-scale systems for space vehicles, providing the precise, quantifiable results required for both manufacturing and maintenance.

Power Generation

TWI systems are a proven solution for applications ranging from inspection of hot section thermal barrier coatings to detection of blockage in turbine blades and vanes. Our systems are widely used by leading OEMs on conventional and advanced engine materials in manufacturing, QA and rework NDI.

Industrial Solutions

TWI systems have been demonstrated to be a cost-effective alternative to existing NDI technologies and have become the system of choice for OEMs in the aerospace, power generation, automotive, sporting goods and microelectronics industries.

Why TWI?

Innovators not Imitators – When we started TWI in 1993, thermography was rarely used as a primary NDT method. Since then, we’ve addressed many of the toughest problems in the field, bringing thermography into the NDT mainstream by developing innovative solutions that are often copied, but rarely matched, setting the standard for NDT performance.

Honest Brokers – Our goal is to solve customer problems. If we can solve your problem with thermography, we’ll tell you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too, and if we know of a better way, we’ll send you there.

Thermography is Our Business – We make our living selling thermography system solutions, not cameras, robots or consulting services. Every customer is important to us, and in 25+ years, we’ve learned that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.

A Proven Solution – Our customers, many of the world’s most advanced companies and research institutions, depend on TWI equipment for some of their most demanding applications. Our systems and technologies have been validated in numerous independent studies and academic papers.

Experts in the Field – Our knowledge extends far beyond our products. We publish extensively and have written chapters for industry handbooks including ASNT, ASM and Elsevier, developed ASTM Standard Practices and taught short courses for ASNT, SPIE and the national NDT organizations in Europe, Asia and South America.

We have always been, and will continue to be, committed to providing the highest level of service and attention to our customers.


Aerospace NDT Training Courses
Aerospace NDT Training Courses
TWI Wins CTMA Tech Competition
TWI Wins CTMA Tech Competition
DoD Maintenance Innovation Award
DoD Maintenance Innovation Award